Talks and presentations

It is indisputable that both those affected by human trafficking as well as undocumented migrants are first and foremost migrant workers who came to Germany in search of improvements in their economic situation. However, laws which impose restrictions on foreign workers make both groups susceptible to exploitation and blackmail.

The aim of our PR work is to raise awareness among specialists in this area and within society as a whole of this complex problem and its implications for those affected by human trafficking. In this context, we hold regular talks and presentations on this topic in Berlin.

Our audiences include students from both Germany and abroad, participants in international educational programmes, as well as Berlin schoolchildren. Events for smaller groups are held at the coordination and counseling center.

In addition to this, our staff often participate as speakers at conferences and other events on human trafficking and related topics.

Our campaigns

Responsible client. Responsibility can’t be measured in centimeters. No matter how big your dick is, you are the only one able to identify if a woman is being forced to work as a prostitute.


Modern day slavery: Welcome in Germany. Modern day slavery is a reality, also in Germany. This form of slavery doesn’t need any chains, dependence caused by immigration laws and hopelessness in the country of origin are enough.